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The construction of the national education information standardization Xiwo power

Educational industry standard JY/T0615-2017 “interactive whiteboard teaching resources general document format” related documents
Xiwo is built in shares (Stock Code: 002841), as the core technology in 2009 launched its own brand, focusing on the field of education. Xiwo can have the honor to participate in the national education industry standard drafting, is a source for high education department and the leadership of the Xiwo recognition, two teachers of trust based on user xiwo. As the industry leader in brand, Xiwo to build interactive smart tablet and peripheral products for educational informatization comprehensive solution carrier, with more than 100 independent patent technology.
Not long ago, Orville yunwang released “AVC DDS- Chinese, electronic whiteboard market brand competition Research Report” -2017Q2 data show that in 2017 on the interactive smart tablet Market in the first half of 30.9%, Xiwo to market a high proportion in the top, continues to lead the industry.

JVC will release 6 custom installed projector new products

The United States on September 7, 2017, JVC announced a new custom installation projector product line, this series is equipped with a unique JVC electron transfer technology and HDR enhancements, and allows fine-tuning of the specific viewing environment image.
The new product line includes 6 projector, plus the special anniversary edition models D-ILA (D-ILA series released to commemorate the 20th anniversary), because of the use of 4K e-shift5 technology, the new projector provides better performance, a new algorithm to optimize the 4K image details, coupled with improved HDR technology, makes the series projector HDR content to provide brighter and more vibrant.
This new production line JVC contains 6 projector products are precision series DLA-X990RBK, DLA-X790RBK, DLA-X590RBK, DLA-RS640K, DLA-RS540K series, and DLA-RS440K, a limited edition model for DLA-20LTD.
The physical parameters of the six new products are: DLA-X990RBK / RS640K brightness of 2000 lumens, contrast to 160000:1; DLA-X790RBK/ RS540K 1900 lumens brightness, contrast to 130000:1; DLA-X590RBK/ RS440K 1800 lumens brightness, contrast to 40000:1.
In addition to the brightness and contrast specific, including the 4K e-shift5 technology, multi point control, low latency, high dynamic HDR model, 18Gbps 4K HDCP2.2, the six axis transmission of color management and so on six products the main features of this new line of JVC. It is understood that, JVC’s new series of products will be listed in 2018 October

Look at how the projector works as a teacher

With the development of information technology, multimedia teaching has been gradually popularized in modern medical education. This advanced teaching method allows students to understand the knowledge easily and clearly, effectively promote the training of modern medical talents, and improve the comprehensive level of teaching and research.
In order to make the medical teaching quality has been effectively improved, south of a university in the human science museum, invited a group of special “teacher” – EPSON CB-G7900U projector, the human science complex vivid detailed presents to the students. On teacher’s Day approaching, let us go to explore, EPSON CB-G7900U project projector is how to be “teacher”?
CB-G7900U makes medical pictures clearer
Teachers’ day | see when the projector is “teacher” how?
Teachers’ day | see when the projector is “teacher” how?
Teachers’ day | see when the projector is “teacher” how?
Medical teaching has a strong thinking and practice, and it needs to clearly display the experimental process or clinical teaching knowledge in the teaching process. 4 EPSON CB-G7900U projectors south a university human science museum with the high brightness, WUXGA has 7000 lumens (1920 x 1200) and high resolution 4K image enhancement technology, bring more clear and detailed clinical teaching, students can clearly observe the whole operation process, to understand the details of the operation, effectively improve teaching efficiency.

Teachers’ day | classroom teaching to build smart technology fan

The annual teachers’ Day is coming. Do you still remember the traditional class of the teacher, “three feet platform” and “a piece of chalk”? EPSON CB-685Wi educational ultra short focus interactive projector for them to prepare a new teaching mode, not only can protect the teacher’s physical and mental health, but also to make teaching more scientific and technological! So, CB-685Wi education ultra short focus interactive projector is how to help teachers solve problems?
It is also necessary to build an intelligent classroom
White board on behalf of blackboard, electronic pen chalk, away from dust infringement
It is also necessary to build an intelligent classroom
It is also necessary to build an intelligent classroom
In the classroom, we usually use blackboards or green boards to teach with chalk, and work in the high dust environment for a long time, which will inevitably affect our health. The large size whiteboard to replace the blackboard education EPSON CB-685Wi ultra short focus interactive projection scheme, with two branches of a new generation of interactive electronic pen can write directly on the projection screen, and light pen design and high sensitivity of soft pen combined writing experience is closer to the true pen. EPSON ultra short focus interactive projection program supports 2 point synchronous touch, the teacher can not only write, annotate or drag and zoom according to the course needs, but also ask students to come to power, teachers and students at the same time. When the projection is closed, Mark pen can be used for writing on the blackboard, and the writing area of the classroom is utilized to the maximum extent. EPSON education ultra short focus interactive projector program into the classroom, the ordinary classroom will change clean classroom, teachers, students will be away from dust intrusion.

SONY releases high cost performance 4K home theater projector

In September 8th, Shanghai – SONY, which never stopped exploiting the 4K territory, added two masterpieces today to its home theater projector series: VPL-VW368 and VPL-VW268. Two new products using native SONY 4K chip, and supports HDR function, VPL-VW368 based on the previous generation models for a number of upgrades and the advent of VPL-VW268, provides a cost-effective choice for the pursuit of high quality audio and video enthusiasts.
At present, the SONY 4K home theater projector family covers VPL-VW5000ES laser projector, VPL-VZ1000 projector, VPL-VW1100ES ultrashort laser focus and VPL-VW558 of different types, and the release of the two products will extend this sequence again, from high-end clubs, private cinema, personal video room, living room, the user can choose according to their own situation gorgeous delicate 4K, to explore the world.
SONY releases high cost performance 4K home theater projector
SONY releases high cost performance 4K home theater projector
VPL-VW368 and VPL-VW268 are equipped with SONY independent research and development of SXRD 4K chip, the resolution of 4096 X 2160, more than 8 million 800 thousand pixels, making it DCI (Digital Cinema alliance) advocated by the movie release format. Loaded with years of accumulated experience in picture processing, SXRD chip makes the picture real, natural and lifelike. At the same time, with the “real creation”, “Terri charm color” SONY unique display function and technology, the picture color is vivid and full of dark, clear and stable, dynamic scene also smooth and natural.

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